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Our History

We began our business in 1980 with a crew of two, Kerry Kerrison (President) and Laverne Valan (Operations), one test unit and “The Highway Hilton”, as we fondly referred to our mobile accommodations. By 1982, we had a field staff of twelve, three complete separation units and an engineering department. In the years following the “Oil Boom”, recessionary conditions forced us to close our engineering department and reduce field operations to one crew. During this time we successfully developed an Asphaltine Determination System. Previously no method was available to measure asphaltine content in gas during tests and problems were often not evident until the inlet filter to the plant became plugged. With this system, laboratory analysis of filter contamination is performed to determine asphaltine content of natural gas production thus predeterming the design of permanent production lease facilities,  gathering systems and gas plants prior to their construction.


In the ensuing years the gradual recovery of the Oil and Gas Industry again allowed us to expand our horizons with the acquisition of our first permanent 4000 sq. ft. shop in Okotoks (1992) and subsequent office building in 1995 with an additional 1800 sq ft. of warehouse space and three additional offices. We were now able to service our equipment in-house as well as provide space for our administrative staff. Since 1995, Ker West has expanded to include 12 test units servicing sweet and sour gas wells with both cold and heated operation services available.  Five units are specialized for WGR analysis with the remaining seven being high stage trailer mounted separation units. Four SIDA systems are also in use.  An additional unit is an Enclosed Portable Sour Solution System (EPSS) for sour gas well work overs and completions. Four units are designed to operate efficiently and effectively in remote muskeg areas that have a limited drilling season. This equipment is portable and mobile eliminating the need and expense of large trucks to move from location to location. 2007 saw expansion to an office in Edmonton and the addition of specialized trailers for our crews.


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