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Ker West Production Testing Ltd. was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta in June of 1980 and is a wholly owned Canadian corporation offering Absolute Open Flow (AOF) production testing services to the Canadian energy industry.


The main focus of Ker West operations has been in providing testing services and consultation for multi-well shallow gas projects. Test objectives may include reservoir or economic limits testing, estimation of AOF and deliverability and ultimately determination of optimal production facility, gathering facility or plant design. Over the span of the past thirty years, Ker West has conducted testing programs (ranging from 10 to 350 wells) for such companies as AEC,  Devon Energy (formerly Northstar), Paramount Resources, Talisman (formerly BVI), Anadarko (formerly Berkley), Compton Petroleum  to name a few.

Beginning in 2005 Ker West began a new era of efficiency in testing.  The SIDA system, using patented technology, combines state of the art software with the latest real-time measurment system.  A diagnostic tool for understanding oil and gas well performance,  this revolutionary system offers the ability to determine - in real time - sandface in-flow information in a cost effective manner.

Ker West leads the industry in its design of specialized test units for detailed determination of gas water ratio (WGR) at the wellhead or elsewhere.  This technology brings clear understanding of what each well is contributing to a processing plant.

Over the past fourteen years Ker West has crafted and honed an exciting software product designed specifically for processing gas/oil well production test data.  TestPro has become an invaluable tool for both data entry in the field and up to the minute analysis in the office. When test data is entered, gas flow rates and cumulative values are calculated automatically and results can be graphically presented at any time allowing the user to make informed and constructive decisions about further test design. Along with this software tool and advances in wireless technology, Ker West has been able to stay on the leading edge of data transmission technology thus giving our clients a great advantage in data tracking and analysis. In March of 1999 the EUB instituted new regulations requiring all well data to be submitted electronically to the board. Ker West was one of the first companies ready and able to utilize our software to create and submit the PAS file to the board.



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