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The Manual
The Structure of This Manual

This manual follows a logical progression of topics:

          o opening and saving files
          o navigating the basic program structure
          o entering data
          o viewing graphs
          o printing data
          o exporting data in EUB PAS format
          o exporting data as columns in a regular ASCII comma delimited format
          o appendices describing:

                     1. sending a datafile from the field
                     2. the EUB PAS file submission process
                     3. the formulas used to calculate flow rates

The simple structure of the program encourages the experienced computer user to skip any or all of the sections in the manual, simply using it as a reference when clarification is needed.

NOTE: To "click" something as referred to in this manual means to point to it with the mouse pointer and press the left mouse button

NOTE: Use of the menubar and toolbar is not explained in this manual except when they are necessary to access certain features. For advanced computer users that prefer to work with menubars and toolbars (or novices with the time to learn), all of the features can be accessed this way and their logic and layout are quite straightforward.


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