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SIDA - Sandface Inflow Data Acquisition

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Thanks to a strategic alliance with LG. Alexander & Associates, Ker West is proud to announce an exciting new data service.  Quick, insightful and easy to use, the SIDA (Sandface Infow Data Acquisition) System is a cost effective, diagnostic tool for understanding oil and gas well performance. Patented in both Canada and the USA, the SIDA System builds on proven industry principles with new technology to provide real-time, data driven solutions: 

    • Real-time pressure vs. time display for up to two transducers in either metric or imperial units.
    • Formation inflow rates are calculated and displayed graphically, based only on surface measurements and physical wellbore parameters.
    • Skin, reservoir transmissibility and static drainage area pressure are established using a surface flow rate (Qout), sandface flow rate (Qin - calculated) and formation pressure vs. time grid.


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