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About TestPro
Ker West has developed an exciting new software product designed specifically for processing gas/oil well production test data.  Developed in response to the need for a standardized method and format for data collection and transmission from the field, TestPro® has become an invaluable tool for both data entry in the field and up to the minute analysis in the office. When test data is entered, gas flow rates and cumulative values are calculated automatically with results graphically presented at any time, greatly enhancing field to office communications and allowing the user to make informed and constructive decisions about further test design. The graphical representation of the production test, simplicity of operation and extended functionality for Pressure ASCII Standard (PAS) compatibility make TestPro® the gas well production testing software to make your job easier.  TestPro®, along with advances in wireless technology has kept Kerwest on the leading edge of data transmission technology, giving Kerwest clients a great advantage in data tracking and analysis.

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Why TestPro?

Allow viewing of the well test from your office

TestPro presents a clear graphical picture of what is happening at the well site while a well test/evaluation is in progress. Data is entered by field staff and the resulting file is transmitted to the office.

Promote clear dialogue with field personnel
TestPro opens the dialog between foreman and engineer by providing a common picture of the test history. Time once spent composing a verbal picture of the situation is eliminated. In its place more precise and specific communication is facilitated.

Save time
When time is scarce, TestPro shows you quickly and efficiently where intervention is needed. It can act as a valuable decision making tool to determine which tests are going fine and which ones need your attention.

Move from debate to decision
Decisions about tie-in or abandonment can be difficult and often require interaction with colleagues or management. TestPro will provide a printed graph that lets the discussion quickly focus on relevant issues



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