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Ker West Production Testing
Ker West Production Testing Ltd., based in Calgary, Alberta, is a wholly owned Canadian corporation offering Absolute Open Flow (AOF) production testing services to the Canadian energy industry. For over thirty years Ker West has conducted multi-well testing programs for such companies as AEC,  Devon Energy (formerly Northstar), Paramount Resources, Paramount Energy Operating Corp., Talisman (formerly BVI), Anadarko (formerly Berkley) and Compton Petroleum, to name but a few.
Focusing on provision of testing services and consultation for multi-well shallow gas projects and unconventional gas well testing, Ker West offers a range of services to help meet project test objectives including:
  • sandface in-flow using the patented, cost-efficient SIDA (Sandface Inflow Data Acquisition) system
  • well test interpretation via pressure transient analysis and simulation/history matching 
  • water gas ratio testing (WGR)
  • reservoir or economic limits testing
  • estimation of AOF
  • deliverability
  • reserves determination
  • production forecasting and ultimately,
  • determination of optimal facility design 

With their in-house TestPro software as a first line diagnostic tool, Ker West delivers an up to the minute picture of what your well is doing, right to your desktop. 

Pioneers in asphaltine determination, groundbreaking in software development, and on the cutting edge of communications to keep your office connected to the field, Ker West has provided clients with top quality data, service and support since 1980.



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